Instant Robo-advisor for Stocks 

enabled through AI

Get your finger on the market pulse

Introductory 1st week free and then $0.99/week for S&P 500 stocks

Design Investment Robo-portfolios to cater to your Investment goals using Personas


Uses 50+ Machine Learning algorithms to provide adaptive AI based stock "Entry (or buy)" and "Exit (or sell)" strategies

The app only provides AI/ML based stock advisories and doesn't manage your assets. 

Know which
stock to buy
When to buy
& sell stock
Add stocks to favorites
Know which
stock to buy
When to buy
& sell stock
Add stocks to favorites
Personas to define Investment goals

Enabled through persona based AI/ML recommendations and Upturn Star Rating

Instant Stock Insights with historic AI/ML recommendations
Adaptive AI entry strategy (or Buy) largely helps avoid when stocks are flat*
Instant Stock Insights
Adaptive AI exit strategy (or Sell) largely helps avoid drawdowns*
Top Performers
Receive In-app Notifications on Buy or Sell changes

Artificial intelligence based 

stock analysis


Upturn provides the end users the ability to create and plan stock market Robo-portfolios on their own to cater to their investment goals. You can compare different Robo-Portfolios and keep those you like to continue receive advisories.


Core to this is the Adaptive AI/ML based stock recommendation which provides insights on when to "Buy" or "Sell" a stock within a Robo-portfolio.


These recommendations cater to different personas (or average hold time when investing in stock) of a stock investor

Robo-Portfolios & Simulation

You can fully control and manage multiple Robo-portfolios by choosing different stocks into a Robo-portfolio either through a stock screener or directly adding stocks into a custom Robo-portfolio. Use personas and Upturn star ratings to cater to your investment goals


You can then compare different Robo-portfolios by seeing how they performed historically based on simulation on the various portfolio metrics and then choose the ones you want to keep and act on.

Instant Notification

The portfolios provide notification if any of the stocks within the portfolio has become either a "Buy" or a "Sell" and the user can choose to act on these recommendations.

Portfolio Analysis

Upturn provides simulated portfolio analysis to this created portfolios to show how the portfolio compares to S&P 500 on various metrics, including statistics such as cumulative returns of the portfolio, annualized return, risk-adjusted returns (Sharpe ratio) amongst others.

Add Favorites

Add all your favorites stocks in a special page called My Favorites to quickly check for any updated recommendations for them

Stock Screener

Stock Screener enables the user to shortlist stocks based on specific criteria including Upturn Star Rating, Personas, and simulated Historic performance and browse through stocks based on the criteria before adding them to a Robo-portfolio us.

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Introductory 1st week free and then $0.99/week for S&P 500 stocks


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About Us

Upturn Corporation’s (the “Company”) proprietary algorithms provides alerts as to when a stock might potentially be on an “upturn” based on a technical analysis (including machine learning and quantitative statistical analysis) of historical data. Specifically, the Company identifies “upturns” or “BUY” recommendations in a specific stock by using the end of day stock data (price and volume) and apply quantitative analysis (i.e., machine learning and proprietary statistical algorithms) to identify and recommend these “upturns” or “BUY.”  Alerts are provided to users daily after markets close, typically within 3 to 5 hours. Based on the post-market close analysis, the Company may recommend a “BUY” or “upturn” for a stock or alternatively, a stock which had a “BUY” or “upturn” may change to a “SELL” recommendation. Currently, approximately 300 large market capitalization stocks are covered by the Company’s for analysis to provide recommendation.  The Company runs proprietary algorithms on each of these 300 stocks for each different persona after end of day market close to come up with updated recommendations for each stock.