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Upturn’s powerful adaptive AI Buy and Sell advisories helps identify stock upturns early in the cycle to make better trading decisions


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Create Instant Robo-Portfolios

Create a winning portfolio in matter of seconds and receive Buy and Sell advice on these stocks from Upturn AI

Investment goals through Personas

Upturn provides 4 persona-based different AI-based Buy and Sell advisories for each stock to cater to different holding periods of the stocks 

Adaptive AI based Buy and Sell advice

Persona-based advisories are provided every day by churning 50+ proprietary and adaptive AI/ML algorithms in the backend

Mobile Apps

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Introducing "Advisories only" Robo-Portfolios from Upturn 

Upturn provides AI based Buy and Sell advisories for stocks and ETFs in your Robo-Portfolios without managing your assets giving you full control!

Instant Robo-Portfolio & Simulation

Instant Robo-Portfolio & Simulation

You can create and manage multiple Instant Robo-portfolios or create your own custom Robo-portfolios and let Upturn provide advisories as to when to 'Buy' and 'Sell' these stocks and ETFs through its adaptive AI technology. 


Instant Robo-Portfolio builds over 500 random portfolios in the background to identify one top portfolio based on your criteria.

Powerful adaptive AI to identify Upturns early in its cycle

Uses 50+ Machine Learning algorithms to provide adaptive AI based stock "Buy" and "Sell" advisories for each persona of the stock

Want to invest in some stocks for a long time and the others for a shorter duration?

No problem, use Upturn Personas

Upturn provides persona-based different Buy or Sell advice for the same stocks catering to different average hold times.

Detailed historic Recommendations View

Upturn provides detailed historic recommendations for each persona of the stock to get better insights on both, how the stock performed and how upturn recommendations were for the stock historically.

Upturn Insights

This provides a look at the market in terms of Upturn AI. It shows how many 3 star and above Upturn rated stocks have a Buy rating providing an indication of how well is the market doing.

This data is provided for each of the personas.

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How Upturn advisories work

Upturn Corporation is an Internet investment adviser registered with U.S Securities and Exchange commission.

Upturn provides advisories as to when a stock might potentially be a “buy” or “sell” opportunity based on a technical and quantitative analysis (including machine learning and quantitative statistical analysis) of historical end of day data.

Advisories are provided and updated to users daily after markets close, typically within 3 to 5 hours after the market close analysis.

Currently, approximately 1000 large market capitalization stocks and 100 largest ETFs are covered by Upturn for analysis to provide advisories.  Upturn runs proprietary algorithms on each of these stocks and ETFs for each different persona after end of day market close to come up with updated recommendations for each stock.

We seek to include advisories for all US stocks and ETFs traded in Nasdaq and NYSE and keep included new stocks in our analysis every week.


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