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Identify Stocks/ETFs to Invest in within Minutes with Upturn Advisories​!

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Introducing Upturn Advisories

Upturn's adaptive AI algorithms are designed to catch the upturns in stocks and ETFs early on

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Identify Stocks to Invest ​
Within Minutes​

Upturn provides easy to navigate advisories for stocks and ETFs using over 50 algorithms (ML and Quantitative)

Build Robo-Portfolios ​
Within Minutes​

With Instant Robo-Portfolios, Upturn identifies interesting stocks for you or lets you browse and select stocks yourself 

Detailed Historic ​Advisory Analysis​

The industry’s first Advisory with detailed historic advisory analysis of over 4000 stocks and ETFs

Explore how you can invest with the Power of AI


Stay on Top of the Market
wherever you are

Browse hundreds of interesting Stocks curated under Top Picks and Top Performers to identify stocks you would like to Invest in.

Upturn Advisory lists are updated Daily after market close based on Upturn ML and quant analysis of Nasdaq and NYSE securities

Industry's first detailed
Historic Advisory Analysis View

Upturn provides Industry's first persona based Advisory for over 10000 Stocks and ETFs with detailed historic advisory analysis



Upturn Advisories now in Night Mode


Upturn's powerful adaptive AI can identify stock upturns early on

With Upturn's smart adaptive AI Buy and Sell advisories, you can find recommendations for Stocks and ETFs that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences

Introducing ETF Zone

Introducing Upturn Advisories for over 2000​

ETFs that are updated daily. ​​


Introducing Upturn Market Insights​

Analyzing how the universe of stocks is doing in terms of Upturn Advisories is a good indication of how the market is doing. 

We introduce Upturn Market Insights to provide a macro view of how the market with respect to Nasdaq and NYSE are performing in terms of how many of the stocks have an Upturn BUY recommendation.​

Do you want to invest in some stocks for a long time and others for a short duration?

Use Upturn Personas

With Upturn, you can get different Buy or Sell advice based on the persona which caters to different durations you want to be invested in the stock.


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